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  •  Partnering with CARE to develop an education/training package for Community Peer Workers.
  • Lobby Minister to correct Detention Appeal form to include all levels as in the Act.
  • Over two years "Mental Musing" articles now written and printed for community education.
  • Advise Mental Health Unit Project Officer to include unpaid Consumers/Carers on panels, not just paid staff.
  •  Lobbied for country Consumers/Carers be represented proportionally on panels and committees formed by Public Health Service.
  •  Requested Country South Medicare Local form consumer advisory groups as a matter of urgency and advised this group can put forward names of suitable representatives in all regions.
  • Applied for a grant to purchase equipment to enhance community education sessions by volunteers.
  • Partnering with another group in writing a submission for the review of the Mental Health Act 2009.
    Meeting soon with Public Advocate to discuss the review.
  • Wrote articles (re- Mental Health Act submissions) for rural papers so that general community understands the process.
  • Applied for grants to conduct two consumer/community evenst with information stalls for Mental Health Week 2013.
  • Members attended recent Experts by Experience community country consultation and share information and knowledge.
  • A member nomination accepted for the Julia Briggs Institute Mental Health Expert Reference Group as a consumer representative.
  • Collaborating with CARE in a training session at Noarlunga in October.
  • Met with Guardianship Board to discuss the Involuntary Intervention Appeal form.
  • Met with the Public Advocate to discuss the review of the Mental Health Act.
  • Particpated in an education session at the Margaret Tobin Centre.
  • Participating in a 3 week mens education session.

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